NordSpec - a research network for spectral data collection

NordSpec is a research network for collection of spectral data for ecosystem monitoring. The spectral measurements are conducted year-round using robust equipment in order to capture seasonal signals from vegetation. This information is used as ground reference information for remotely sensed observations from satellite, and for learning more about the dynamics of vegetation. NordSpec is currently focused on field sites in the Nordic countries, but also includes sites beyond, e.g. Greenland, Senegal and the Sudan.

Nordspec measurements are carried out in collaboration with other infrastructures, particularly the Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) and the Swedish infrastructure for ecosystem science (SITES). These infrastructures support carbon flux measurements and a range of other environmental measurements that are used to verify, understand and cross-validate our data. We utilize the proximity to these measurements to provide better understanding of vegetation dynamics and the processes that drive it. The NordSpec network was inspired by SpecNet with which we exchange information. We also collaborate in the COST Action OPTIMISE (ES1309).

At the SITES stations we are now starting up regular flights with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) throughout the growing seasons. We are also mounting phenological cameras for keeping a visual check on the growing seasons.

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