We welcome new sites and users in NordSpec! Adding new environments and geographical locations will broaden and strengthen the infrastructure, and a growing network will increase the value and usefulness of our data.

Participation is based on the following principles:

  • Data is shared freely around the network for academic use.
  • The site PI is responsible for instruments, mounting, maintainance, and data logging. The equipment is mounted according to a common protocol and with consideration to local conditions and requirements.
  • Data is uploaded to the central NordSpec database.
  • Sensors are calibrated regularly according to a common protocol. This can be carried out in situ or by sending the sensor to the manufacturer. We will also provide a service for sensor calibration in Lund.

Contact the NordSpec coordinator if you are interested in joining the network or getting access to the data. Our focus is on northern latitudes, but with time the network may expand. You may also consider contacting SpecNet (